As an aspiring millionaire, it is hardly surprising that dinner at ‘The Ritz’ in London was on my bucket list. I think it’s fair to say that I enjoy the finer things in life; I’m definitely a champagne and diamonds kind of girl! When I saw a deal for £59pp on Bookatable to include 3 courses and the all-important champagne, I simply couldn’t resist!

Walking through the revolving doors from Arlington Street was like entering into another world. The interior is dated yet decadent and you feel like aristocracy from the moment you step foot inside. The restaurant itself was relatively quiet and we were met at the table with menus and of course, champagne. As you would expect from a deal the menu was limited, but I still struggled with picking just one item! I was tempted by the terrine of goose liver to start but opted for something different to my other half – after all, I can just try some of his!

Hen’s Egg with Asparagus, Broad Beans and Bacon
Terrine of Goose Liver with Mango, Gingerbread and Tonka Bean

For starter I had the hen’s egg with asparagus. This was beautifully presented, topped with brioche, accompanied by broad beans and bacon, and surrounded by a cheesy sauce. There was broad selection of breads to choose from including olive, Parmesan, and the usual whites and browns, alongside some Melba toasts on the table for mopping up my yolk.

Meat was the theme for the main with my boyfriend opting for the duck, and the lamb for myself. The duck was divine, accompanied by a lovely spiced sauce which was theatrically poured over the meal by the waiter. My lamb was cooked to perfection, especially the braised shoulder which was incredibly tasty, and complimented by Mediterranean flavours such as tomato, courgette and basil.

Bresse Duck with Chicory, Duck Liver and Orange
Loin of Lamb with Braised Shoulder, Courgette and Tomato

Dessert was a fruity affair and a choice between ‘Coconut Mousse’ and ‘Raspberry and Elderflower Soufflé’. The raspberry soufflé had a light, airy texture and the elderflower sorbet which accompanied it was very refreshing. The flavour combination was to die for; I have to say, the Coconut Mousse looked stunning too and I was disappointed that I didn’t get the opportunity to try any!

Raspberry and Elderflower Soufflé
Coconut Mousse with Compressed Pineapple and Passionfruit Sorbet

When we thought it was all over, we were pleasantly surprised by the waiter bringing over a selection of sweets. These included passion fruit jellies, white chocolate and almond macaroons, salted caramels and some hazelnut brownies. Each miniature was delicious and the perfect end to a truly special dinner date.

From left: Salted Caramel Chocolate, White Chocolate and Almond Macaroon, Passionfruit Jellies and Hazelnut Brownies

One of my initial fears was that we may be treated differently for using a deal but the waiting staff were incredibly professional and made us feel like royalty throughout. Stunning food, stunning flavours, stunning décor and professional service. Do not miss out on this deal if you can help it!

Find the deal on Bookatable here.

The Ritz website


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