About Me

I’m Karina – a twenty something year old city girl with the attention span of a goldfish.

Originally the author of Capital Quirks, I decided to broaden my horizons and create ‘Karina Through The Looking Glass’ which documents my travels around the world rather than just focusing on a small pocket of it. If I was to liken myself to a Disney character, it would probably be Alice in Wonderland so I thought that this was an appropriate title to express what I see on my travels.

I absolutely love Ibiza and up until 2017, this had been pretty much my only holiday destination. In fact, I love Ibiza I’ve lived there for 4 months and even been twice in one year!¬†However, since visiting India in November 2017 I realized that there is so much more to see of the world than the inside of Amnesia and, whilst I enjoy drinking and partying, this doesn’t just have to be limited to Ibiza.

 From 22nd October, I will be setting off with my first stop being Singapore. I will then travel on to Sydney, Australia, where I am planning on spending a few months working and exploring the rest of the country in my spare time. New Zealand will be next where I am hoping to visit both the North and South islands before moving on to South East Asia and the rest is history!

Please give me a follow if you are interested in finding out what I get up to on my journey. In the time that I have, I want to experience as much as possible and I hope that this blog will be useful to anyone visiting any of the destinations featured. I am also happy to receive any recommendations on where to go and what to do.

Visiting the Taj Mahal in November 2017
Taj Mahal – November 2017

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