So the usual train drama happened yesterday – cancellations, delays and packed out carriages. Meanwhile, my boyfriend and I decided to grab a bite and let the chaos die down.

We were in the London Bridge area so we decided to go to one of our favourite restaurants there – Porkys BBQ. Neither of us had been to their Bankside branch before but we’d had a great experience when we visited them on Fulham Road. We walked in and stood by a “Please wait to be seated” sign for a while until eventually we got bored of waiting and decided to go elsewhere.

This is when we came across Bill’s. I have heard of Bill’s before (all good things and mainly about the cocktails) but have never actually visited. We went to their Clink Street branch, nestled behind Borough Market in a cosy spot. The décor matched the location; Bill’s was cute and intimate inside, with nice warm lighting, creating the perfect ambience for a winter’s evening.

Dinner at Bills
Halloumi and Hummus Brioche Bun

The menu was broad and there was a wide range of dishes to satisfy everyone including curries, fish dishes, ribs and pasta. As I’d recently had a heavy weekend I went for a vegetarian dish (not quite a salad but it made me feel better about myself – as if I’d made a healthy choice!), the Halloumi and Hummus Brioche Bun. This was served with roasted red peppers and sweet chilli sauce alongside a yoghurt dip to accompany the salty cheese. The halloumi with the red peppers and chilli was a great combination and absolutely delicious. There was a good amount of halloumi in the bun and the chips on the side were a substantial portion by my standards! I couldn’t taste much of the hummus but it didn’t matter as I still thoroughly enjoyed my meal.

My boyfriend ordered the Buttermilk Chicken Burger served with slaw and sweet potato fries. Of course, I had a bite of this too. The chicken tasted so fresh and the buttermilk coating was well seasoned. You could definitely tell it was homemade!

Two demolished dinners later, we decided to order a Chocolate Brownie Milkshake each for dessert. Bill’s does have a chocolate brownie on their dessert menu so I assume that is what they use to make the milkshake. It was scrummy.  There were brownie chunks at the bottom of the glass and it was served with whipped cream and a flake.

Shakes at Bill's
Chocolate Brownie Milkshakes

There seems to be an increase in microwave meals nowadays and the quality of food served in restaurants is certainly slipping. Bill’s was a find! Real, fresh food at a reasonable price. There was also a cocktail menu on offer which I will certainly go back and try – unfortunately not for me on a Monday night though!

Check out Bill’s here!


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  1. Wrong.

    First sentence, second paragraph should be either, ‘Due to being in the London Bridge area, we decided to go to one of our favourite restaurants – Porkys BBQ’ or ‘We decided to go to one of our favourite restaurants, Porkys BBQ as we were in the London Bridge area’.

    I shall never read another one of your blogs again!

    1. But the grammar is still correct and I wrote it how I wanted to say it 😂 Regardless, I couldn’t care less as I wouldn’t want someone as petty as yourself reading my blogs anyway. Get a life 😊👍🏼

    2. Thanks for sending me another comment to my inbox but I think I’ll pass on taking grammar advise from someone who can’t spell grammar – you spelt it ‘gammar’ in your most recent message. It would be great to respond to you personally but unfortunately you’re hiding behind my name and an email address you can’t spell. Have a lovely evening😊😂

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